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instructions for cleaning Eheim 2236 impeller?

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Hello all -

I want to do some periodic maintenance on my Eheim Ecco 2236 from time to time, to keep it running as well as possible. I can already see some brown stuff building up on the little guard around the impeller intake.

Are there instructions for cleaning the impeller part of the filter? That seems like the part that will go first (well, since I see some many replacements online) so I'd like to give it a rinse or whatever from time to time.

Where are instructions for that type of maintenance?

thanks :) Dave
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All I do is take off the impeller cover, and then using a pair of tweezers, carefully take out the impeller, taking care not to bend or twist, as that can break the impeller shaft.

After that, you can also take out the impeller shaft, in the same manner.

I just use a toothbrush to clean off any gunk (again, carefully, you don't want the impeller shaft to break), and then replace all parts into the filter.
Finally I am getting around to this!

There is a sort of diagonal screw on the impeller cover, which I assume is the cover. So, I'll take it off and see what's in there.
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