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Instant Algea Outbreak - Just Add New Bulbs

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Yee gads!!!!! I've been unknowingly been running my Current USA fixture with two dying Plantas and replaced them with two new Current USA 6700s. What a difference!!!! Not only much more light but an instant algae breakout. :icon_neut I'm assuming that when I went from what was probably 1.5-2WPG or so to the full 2.7WPG of HO T5s it caused the major outbreak. I have tons of string algea, some nice tufts of greenish stuff growing on many of the leaves. Just what I need to keep me out of trouble.

I'm assuming that in the future as the bulbs need to be cycled out it would make sense to rotate them out with new ones as opposed to changing two at a time.

I assume this is a pretty normal occurence when you make a major change like this? Any wild guess how long it might take to kind of rebalance itself? I'm thinking of reducing the photoperiod. Is slowing down a bit on the ferts a good idea when you have an outbreak like this? I'm at about 2 for phosphates, and 22 for NO3. I dose EI and do water changes every two weeks. Anything else I can do to ease the pain?

I appreciate the input.

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***channeling Tom Barr***

or maybe not, but I think he'd say, keep the CO2 levels up!
Yeah, I've made sure they haven't dropped at all. I know charts aren't the most reliable, but with a KH of 11 degrees I have the pH at 6.7. Should be way enough and I do have quite a bit of pearling. Not as much as some photos I've seen but most all the plants are pearling to some degree.

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