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Inspiration & Short Poem!

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Hello everyone my name is Bradford and I'm 26yrs old currently living in Louisville, KY. I have written a short poem which was inspired from the viewing of my 14gal iwagumi planted aquarium along with many others. I thought i'd share with everyone as I feel much of this hobby is overlooked by many other aspects and technical sciences that come along with the hobby.

The true essence of the natural aquarium is often times overlooked. Many of us critique, judge and even criticize one another's aqua-scapes without fully understanding that a hard-scape is nothing more than expression of self, an idea, a dream if you will. When you and I create our own little piece of aquatic-bliss we are in fact creating life for not just one but many. We are all inspired by each others tanks for the true work of art that it is. We find beauty, peace, and tranquility in every setup in some form or another.

The one thing this hobby taught me was that life is precious in all forms and often overshadowed by our own views of what is good or what is bad. Every aqua-scape has its own story with the essence always being the art of life itself. Planted aquariums should be viewed and desired, creating peace of mind and calming the soul. I just wanted to shine the light on what I feel is missing sometimes in this hobby and what should always remain #1.

Love Above All
My seed, my root, absorb this love
My stem, my leaf, lifted above
My silence, my colors, I bloom for all
My life, my love, my love above all

Author: Brad C.

True Meaning:
This Poem represents the continuing connection between Love and Life through the realm of A Plant. Think of Love as the essential life nutrient and when used we then begin to grow. So long as our roots dig deeper and deeper into the silence of love we will be lifted up reaching for light. Our true colors will then shine for all to see so that we may guide others as well.
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Love it! You are a talented writer. Keep it up!
I have been in the aquarium hobby more years than I like to think about. I don't think I've ever seen a poem by an aquarium keeper about his, in this case planted, aquarium before. It certainly presents a different point of view.

I don't think the true meaning text is strictly necessary. In my opinion, the poem says it all and if you try to explain it, meaning is removed from the poem.
Nice poem, U definitely got talent!
I have to agree with Dave though with the "meaning" of the I have that Cyndi Lauper song stuck in my head:eek:
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