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Insidious neon tetra disease

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I have dealt w/this disease and have found it more insidious than I first thought. I found that increasing water temperature to 89 knocked this disease back but within a week it reappeared. I ended up raising temp to 94 as last ditch effort, it never came back BUT none of my tetras or Rams show any interest in spawning. They swim normally and their colors are normal and they eat ok but there is no longer any sparring or pre-spawning behavior. Its been a year now but still no spawning action. So this disease at least from my observations has huge ramifications down the road. Previous to this disease most of the fish in the 100 gal tank were spawning. Fish species affected: Neon, Serpae, Rummynose, Gem, Pristella, Black Neon, Redfin and Phantom Tetras as well as Mikrogeophagus ramirezi and Harlequin rasbora. Unsure about Synodontis, Tricolor Shark or Corydorus but these fish could be carriers of this terrible disease.