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Input on my DIY tank stand "Tower" for five tanks?

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Hello, all. I was wondering if you all could give me your input on a project of mine. I have limited space so I made a stand that can vertically house four 10 gallon fish tanks. There is also one on the floor to make it five tanks total but I do not consider that to bear any weight on the shelf that I made.

So here is the description. I used 2x4's to create the vertical legs. I then used 2x10's to use as the shelf itself. I used 4" screws to attach the outside of the of the vertically placed 2x4's to hold the shelves in place. There is 16" of height between each shelf. So what I did was then cut a 16" long 2x4 to attach in between the shelves along the vertically placed 2x4's (these run from the floor to the top of the shelf. So after attaching these 16" 2x4's in between each shelf it now appears as though all four legs look like a "4x4".

I then attached the structure to the wall with 9" each screws, nuts and large washers to fasten on the opposite side of the wall (inside of a closet so it does not matter in terms of appearance). After this was done it is like the shelving unit I built is now a permanent structure added to the wall. It does not move. I also tested the weight on one end. I decided to hang from the top shelf on one corner (by the way I weight 210lb). The shelf did not move nor cause any problems obviously. It did not even so much as flex or make any "popping" noises due to my weight on the shelf. I then decided to "climb" on the bottom shelf and no problem either. No popping noise..nothing.

So I was wondering if any of you would discourage the use of placing tanks in this fashion. The highest tank is nearly 6ft off the ground. I do not mind the maintenance for it. I can use a ladder. Just wanted to know what you all think. Keep in mind that I also live in a building with cement floors so there is no problem with the floor bouncing as the case can be in wooden framed homes.

The wiring on the side is temporary until I get new permanent lights. So please disregard the temporary "ghetto" appearance. :hihi: I am thinking of going with lighting from A H Supply.

Input would be appreciated.



By the way, here are some pics I just snapped of it.

005 by adrienbcaldwell, on Flickr

006 by adrienbcaldwell, on Flickr

008 by adrienbcaldwell, on Flickr
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With 4 operating tanks and equipment you're probably looking at around 350-400lbs of total weight on the structure. If you hung on the top shelf with no consequence I'd say you'll be fine. Just keep an eye on it to check for any stress cracks or bowing periodically. What are you using for a filtration setup? Individual HOBs or a linked canister setup?
You should be fine IMO. When I first looked at the set up, my first concern was geared more towards whether it was anchored to the wall than the shelf set up.

If you're uneasy about the shelving you could always add some small metal L brackets or cleats under each corner for some added safety.
Thats a great idea i think i might do this for a bunch of my 10G tanks i have laying around.
Thanks for the input. It is anchored to the wall and goes through to the opposite side of the wall with 9" screws, nuts and large washers. It does not move.

For filtration I am waiting for my order of Tom Rapids Dive clean filters to arrive. They are submersible filters and should be here anytime early next week. I needed to get my bettas out of small bowls so I put them in the tanks for now.

And I will keep an eye on them for sure. I put a plastic lining under the tanks to help prevent water spilling under the tanks and possibly rotting/weakening the wood structure. Plus it has a slightly raised pattern which sort of 'cushions' the tanks on the shelf itself.
Thats a great idea i think i might do this for a bunch of my 10G tanks i have laying around.
I have limited space. I live in a studio apartment so this was my only real option. Materials cost me just under $50 at Home Depot.
Looks very clean and ikea~like. (I love ikea so don't get me wrong)

You're lucky your house/appartment is cement floored. My house just uses what looks like particle boards stacked up on top of a bunch of 2x4 and what not, well that's what I saw during constructions. I don't know much about it, but it does bounce a bit when we have a heavy friend in.

A "heavy" friend. H ahaha... :hihi:
Looks very clean and ikea~like. (I love ikea so don't get me wrong)
By the way, I like Ikea too. So I took it as a compliment. :icon_surp
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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