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Input Needed!! Water Testing Kits

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I would love to know your individual preferences when it comes to water testing kits for your freshwater planted aquariums.

Which one is Your Favorite?
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First, this is not beer and not be taken as such!

Personnaly I Think that we need to test... When you become experienced you will probably skip the one that do not have big variation over time.

I use all the test minus the pottasium one (Trying to find one cheap)
Test one time every 1 to 2 week but sometime skip, Fe, NO3, PO4, PH

And sometime skip them alltogether, but I’m working with this particular tank for over 5 years and know how it react.

But sometime my omniscientific premonition is completly demolish by the mystery of nature itself and I pickup these test tube again to patch my human nature.

I find the Ca test to be cool because if you have a GH test kit you can Know your magnesium content... 2 important element for the price of one.

Yes I’m an aquarist nerd... and proud of it.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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