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Inline heater with CO2 reactor?

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Anybody tried to combine an inline heater with CO2 reactor? I am annoyed at all this extra plumbing I have to do between these.

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do you mean has anyone used an inline heater AS a co2 reactor?

or has anyone had a heater and a co2 reactor on the same return line?
I was actually thinking about this a long time ago. A diy external inline heater as well as co2 being injected into it seems like a good idea to me. I have never tried it though due to time restrictions :(
i've got an inline heater and was going to put a co2 reactor after it, but now i may try to just inject co2 into the line before the heater... :)
Here is one that I will be making. Just waiting for parts from Rex:

An Eheim heater will fit into a Watertight Cordgrip at the top. I will be running these inline with on my 65G and 11G via an Eheim 2028 and 2213.


**Sry for the pic size**
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Its been done, but I don't have a link at hand. Try searching the DIY forum.

No pix, but:
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Thanks for the pointer! The same topic indeed!
Yet there is no definitive HOWTO with pictures on putting a CO2 reactor with an inline heater. My observations from reading the above thread:

  • Silicon will fail after a while as it does not adhere to PVC
  • Heater better be installed in the bottom because the top is likely to contain a CO2 bubble.
X2 on putting the heater on the bottom of the reactor.

I do have some Hydor Inlines with a reactor, but are you looking at an all in one combo? I'd be afraid of an "air" pocket.

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Nice setups, but I think he is referring to something like this, but with CO2 going into it as a reactor:
I definitely think that the heater should not be at the top. The air pocket would cause a lot of problems with the heater.

I don't have any experience with the heyco parts, has anyone tested them upside down? If you had water flowing down towards the heyco cordgrip, would it leak?
As long as the heater is plumbed for top to bottom flow, and the filter/pump is strong enough to prevent air pockets, I don't see why this would not work.
Nice setups, but I think he is referring to something like this, but with CO2 going into it as a reactor:
I figured he was referring to what you linked, I still say the other way is easier....DC

Tressel drinks wine coolers.
The heyco cord grips work very well... I recently did an experiment using a pvc plug and the heater sized cord grips. I pressurized a chamber of air that had a cord grip attatched.. Pvc plug in end of it with lumber keeping it from blowing out. I pumped the chamber to 65PSI. No air leaks for a few hours.

sorry if the post is scatteredd Im working off a hangover.
A bit off topic... I would like to build a reactor or two in the very near future. Is there a benefit of putting the ph monitor near the C02 barb, or can it be placed somewhere in the return side?
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