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I'm trying to figure out what kind of CO2 reactor to use on my 80 gallon tank. I have a sump with a single Mag 9.5 (running at about 600gph) driving two returns, one at each end of the tank.

I would like to run my CO2 reactor inline on my sump's output, preferably before I split it to the two returns so that CO2 is spread evenly throughout my tank. This means that my CO2 reactor would be driven at 600gph.

I'd rather not split off a separate low flow line for the CO2 reactor because:
1) I want to minimize stuff in the tank and I already have two returns
2) I want my two returns to evenly spread CO2 throughout the tank

I'd like to build a Cerges reactor, but I'm concerned about the flow rate. Any thoughts?
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