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Injured Betta

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Our Betta got caught up in a food hanger. I had removed the suction cup and just hung it in the water via a strong thread. It's been there for months. Everything was fine in the morning and when I came back in the late afternoon I saw he was trapped in the hole left by the missing suction cup. I feel so stupid, it's my fault. I had to use a pair of wire cutters to clip the plastic to free him. He looks like he was struggling for hours, you can see where he rubbed his flesh clean off - top and bottom - one of his pectoral fins is also gone.

He still moves around in quick spurts but mainly just rests. Doing research, I'm trying API Pimafix and Melafix according to directions, started yesterday, a full day after his injuries. I'm certain there must be bacterial infection due to the injury but not sure if that white fuzz on his dorsal injury is fungus, so dosing with those 2 things. As far as I've understood what I've read, they are supposed to help injuries.

I honestly don't have any experience with an injured fish. I know he must be in pain, but if he can be healed and still have a happy life chasing the neons around, I would like that. But if there is no hope, then I will euthanize him.

Just need some experienced advice.


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It's been 2 weeks of the API Pimafix and Melafix regime and he is looking much better. He is back to coming up for hand feeding and more importantly, he is hungry. He is still resting a bit more then before the accident but starting to get scrappy with the neons again.

At this point I think I will do a water change and stop using the Pimafix/Melafix and just consider it good to go. Thankfully those "meds" didn't bother the neons, ottos or plants.

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