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Hi there,

A little about me: I had a 50 gal, lightly-planted, amateur-ly-scaped tank for about 10 years. For the last 5 years, I downsized to a 12gal fluval edge (not entirely by choice - I was supposed to be upsizing). Now I am finally at a point where I can start my 120gal project. My husband is going to help me build in a stand in our living room (I plan to do a journal on everything) and I have a tank on order and large manzanita pieces on the way! However, since I originally did a bunch of research on what I thought was going to be a 90 gal, a lot has changed and a lot has been forgotten. I'm hoping to tap into the excellent minds on this forum to help me sort out the basics.

1. Filtration - I'd like to stick with canister filtration only (not into sumps; would prefer no hob). Looking at the Eheim pro 4+ series. Would a 600 model be enough filtration for a 120gal, or should I be looking at running 2 slightly smaller canisters? Alternate options?

2. Lighting - I'm clueless here. My original plan was to get Finnex LED lights, but it looks like you can no longer acquire them in Canada. What's my next best option for LED lighting? I'd like to be pushing medium light levels, but definitely don't plan on CO2.

3. Substrate - My plan was to do a dirt tank capped with PFS. I'm no longer tied to this idea necessarily, but will definitely still want an area of decorative sand. Would you cap with sand all over or just keep it to the area where I don't want carpeting plants? What's your favourite substrate for a low tech setup?

4. Thoughts on river rock in aquariums? Am I okay to collect my own and test for calcite before adding?

Thanks in advance! :)
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