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Info of this nesaea

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Okay I got this this month from our club and its called nesaea pedicellata ' gold' any ideas on it going to change color as it will grow?
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It stays a yellow orange color with adequate lighting and co2. The one thing I found is that it grows slow as compared to other stem plants, which is great because you don't have to trim it often. It does best, ime, if your GH and KH is around 5-6.
Oh great!
I have a few pictures of it in my journal. It gets thinner leaves but the stem stays a pretty pink. It is very temperamental as well.
Way to add to my stress sara! Can you post a pic here for reference for others as well
Sorry, Brad. I tend to add stress in a lot of peoples lives, lol.

Here's a healthy picture of it submersed.

And here is what it looks like when neglected (no ferts for a week):
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Ooooooo me likey! Any hints to make it grow well?
It's not really picky about co2, but it really loves root fertilizers. I've also found adding a bit of Mg (epsom salts) really helps this plant.
Hmm good to know! Thanks sara
No problem. Good luck.
Ill need it!
I have found info on this plant over on APC's plant finder but it does mention "gold" and the picture of the plant shows green leaves.

Is there also a green version of this plant? If so is the green version just called nesaea pedicellata?
Yes that would be the name if you want the green version
Yes that would be the name if you want the green version
Thanks for the info.

How are your stems doing? Have you run into any issues with them?
They were emmersed grown and basically turned to mush. I'm looking to get the red kind
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