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Info about the uniquarium.

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Wanted to start afresh with a new aquarium. Want as little hassle as possible and am willing to pay top dollar for something of high quality. Was researching and stumbled upon the uniquarium. Does anyone have experience with them? Could you use the back of the aquarium kinda sorta like a refugium? (not just to hide heaters but also to keep scuds / daphnia / shrimp / moss) Would a moss wall look good with the colored background? Any info on these would be most appreciated.

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I've got a similar style of tank, just cube shaped.
It definitely has it's downsides, primarily in the reduced display area and in my tank, the filtration was designed for salt water so it's not 100% ideal for freshwater. I find there is not enough fine media and not many options for adding it.

Conversely, I LOVE the all-in-one aspect. Everything is in my tank and hidden, no ugly filter intakes or heaters cluttering up my display space.
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