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Infected Yellow King Cobra Guppy?

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I purchased a Yellow King Cobra Guppy yesterday and today I noticed a white bump (sphere shaped) on the right side of his lower lip. Then I noticed that it has a clear, slight (very slight white tint) sting of poop still stuck on where his anus would be. I looked closely at it for a minute then noticed that a white thing, seems to be 2 millimeters long, in the string of poop.

I am not sure if it is a parasite.
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Take it back to place of purchase. Ask for a different fish. I don't know what that fish has but after day one you don't need the headache.
Thanks! Two days ago I noticed it was swimming weird, as if playing dead. The guppy was swimming for a couple of seconds then it's as if it fainted, floated around for a bit, sank towards the bottom of the tank, and then it woke up and swam again for a couple of seconds. It repeatedly did this when I got home. I returned it yesterday, sticking with shrimp.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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