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Indoor gardening.....

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Anyone here who is serious about it? I have been reading up on growing you own tomatoes and other fruits indoor. It seems the lighting demand is far greater than what we use for a planted aquarium. At the moment I have some typical household plants under a single 23w CPL light. I am hoping this simple setup would produce some positive growth rate. They are by the windows but I don't get a lot of sunlight inside the house at all.
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It's a waste of energy I think and $$$. Tomatoes from the market definitely don't taste good during the winter but that's why people can and preserve the summer bounty.
Agree, can't beat the sun. That said I do have a gimmicky little Aerogarden, most things die in here... tomato plants yield... 1 or 2 fruits, I have some lettuce growing in here right now.
Lettuce ok, herbs ok, roots and fruits are too demanding.

Small hydro set up is good for giving you a strong start before you can plant outside. When plants are still in vegetative growth and under 18" or so, flouescent tubes are fine.

Most commercial growers only use lights to extend the growing season, not power it.
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