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Indoor Dwarf Lemon Tree, who has one?

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Im hoping to get myself a dwarf lemon tree to grow indoors. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them, or any tips on lighting, watering, fertilizing :)
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Citrus like very well draining soils, but not sand. Gritty soil more, but they like it moist. Don't let it dry out. And not wet.
Thanks! I will remember that ;)
I have 4 surviving grapefruit trees of 7 plants that came from 2 seeds. I have them in individual pots and water them every couple days when they get dry. So, constant moisture but not standing in water. They also seem to like sunny windows.
Citrus like very well draining soils, but not sand. Gritty soil more, but they like it moist. Don't let it dry out. And not wet.
Actually they do well in sand. Florida is nothing BUT sand. And more sand. And to top it off even more sand. Citrus likes well draining soil. They need fertz since sand has none.Too much water and the fruit cracks. One thing they don't like is mulch of any kind.
I just got my 1ft meyer lemon tree, and potted it in citrus miracle grow. I've only got 28w of light on it @ about 3". Maybe I should supplement a clamp on CFL with the t5 growlight I got from home depot.
Citrus plants are much better as indoor/outdoor plants. I bought a two year old dwarf meyer lemon tree 3 years ago and have it planted in an 18'' pot. I bring it outside every year on my deck and bring it inside during the winter where i stick it next to a southern/eastern window (This past year i put a T8 strip light above it). They take a while to get going, but are great once they really start to fruit. That said, they do have a tendency to flower in the dead of winter so if you want fruit, you may have to pollinate it by hand (the blossoms smell awesome, though!). This year, i harvested 6 lemons (last year i only harvested 2). It looks like next year i'll have closer to a dozen.
I have 3 Mexican key lime trees that I grew from seeds back about 3 years ago, I had 8 total but ended up giving away a few, the ones I have now are about two to two and a half feet tall with pretty thick trunks on them. I actually just turned one into a bonsai the other day. I'll try to get pics up tomorrow of them.
Ive been researching watering potted citrus, and found that "deep watering" is suggested. Im not too familiar with growing terrestrial plants, so could anyone tell me how I should do this? Ive seen suggestions on putting them pot in a bucket, and filling the bucket up until its above the pot and letting the soil soak for a moment, and then draining it totally. Then letting it get almost bone dry before doing it again.
I keep mine pretty well watered, I find my key lime trees like a good bit of water, the soil in mine gets bone dry sometimes, it doesn't seem to bother them unless it stays dry for more than a day then they start to wilt, mine are happier when they get water. Also I have mine in plain potting soil.
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