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increasing watts iwould it help!

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hi all,
thanks for all the great info till now.
i've my tank running for over 2 months now.

tank dimension: 24"L 14"H 9"w (20gallon)
light: diy 15wattsX2 Cfl spiral light 6500k
anubias nana, java fern, african fern, anacharis, nymphea(pink lotus), vals, ludwigia repen, rotala rotundifolia.....

dose: Excel flourish 15drops/day , Kent iron&magnese 10drops/day
light regime: 3hrs morning and 4 hrs. evening
fert: plant gro sticks .....2 sticks in 20gallon total
fish: 2 goldfish.

so far its running fine...i'd old light about 17watts total for 3 weeks after i purchase the tank then i chage to 15watts X2 Cfl till now....
i got diatoms for the last 3 weeks its reducing slowly seems to me.

but i don't see my plants are flourishing really much and looking really greeen....

will it take sometime due to my new tank....or is it slow growth plants or is it due to diatoms ....
or should i add 20watts X 2 6500k Cfl spiral bulbs (just bump to 10watts more)

would like to hear options .

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I think you are a little low on light with the 15 watt bulbs, so changing to 20 watt bulbs should help a lot, and you will still have low light. (You may find that the 20 watt bulbs are too big to fit in the hood.)
thanks a lot Hoppy.
i'll try to change to 20watts.
lets see how it goes with the size ...

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