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increase diy co2 output?

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so how do you get more co2 with diy?? is it as simple as adding more sugar? im getting around 1 bps right now and would like to double that. whats the best option?
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Adding another bottle is probably the best method.
thats what i was thinking. ive heard that wine yeast makes for better production and to use brown sugar. is this true? any personal experience?
How are you diffusing what you have into the tank? IMO with a DIY setup, focus on how the CO2 is diffused. You can either have a steady amount of CO2 for a long period of time ore a lot of CO2 for a short period of time. I'm maintaining about 45-50 bpm, whish falls short of some peoples' 1-2 bps, but I'm able to diffuse it very effectively throughout my 29g using a nano ceramic diffuser and an Elite mini submersible filter. I'm using a drop checker to test different diffusion methods.
Object, I would sure like to see the results (drop checker colors) of the diffusion methods that you are testing!

riddik, add another bottle and time them so when one is ending and just getting started, the other is in full production. If you are getting 2 weeks out of a bottle, then start one bottle each week, and alternate refilling.
i gotta build another generator first. im not using pop bottles cause it looks tacky. lol. i am using a powerhead and filter tube to diffuse and im probly getting close to 100% diffusion but its a 40g. gonna try wine yeast too.
I haven't tried the wine yeast but the brown seems to b e putting out a lot of CO2 maybe due to the high sugar content.
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