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Inconsistent bps, advice pls :)

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Hi all,

I'm new to the planted tank hobby, had SW for several years but wanted to try something new.. So maybe someone can help me figure out this issue I'm having..

I recently purchased from my LFS, and since setting it up a couple weeks ago I've been noticing inconsistent bps and have been adjusting it constantly. If a few bubbles are coming out per second, an hour later it'll drop to one bubble every 4 seconds.. It seems like I have to keep turning It up.. It's getting old lol

So basically it's just a regulator tube and bubble counter/diffuser that both go in the water. I'm purchased a new bubble counter and check valve so hopefully that comes in soon. I checked for kinks and leaks but none were found. Someone suggested that i put a needle valve between the old needle valve (I assume regulator?) and the diffuser. If I go that route do I need to add pressure resistant tube between the regulator and needle valve?

I do plan to get a better system in the near future but this is what I have to work with for now :thumbsdow

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!! :D
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You would probably need to put in a different needle valve. The needle valve in that system is probably just not that great. I would just wait and buy a good regulator instead of spending more money trying to fix junk.
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