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In Need of Stocking Advice for a 20g

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Hey Guys,

Im new to the forum =) just joined last night (but have been reading for about a month) and i love this site!

I have a few question, since i have the equipment figured out, i thought i would get some help with stocking a 20g planted.

The Equipment will consist of a 20g tank (a regular one, not the long)
a XP1 canister filter, a DIY C02, and flourite, a heater and the plants.

Now my questions, ive been doing saltwater for too long... i do not remember a good number to keep fish for a 20g anymore =P

I want schooling fish, i was thinking of neon tetras, and cherry barbs, otos, and maybe a few shrimp.
How many of each could i keep? and what could i use as my "showpiece" fish?

Thanks again!
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The rule of thumb is one gallon per inch of fish but thumbs were made to be broken and it really depends on your setup and the fish you choose. I like cardinal tetras over neons but that's just my preference. Another fish to consider that looks great in a planted tank is the choprae danio or I believe the common name is glowlight danio.

Good luck with your new setup
cherry barbs are nice and active, but some are nippy. Friend of mine at San Mateo has a 15g (same dimensions as yours, just about 4" shorter) planted cherry barb tank, and he has to keep it cherry barb only -- they'll rip any other fish and shrimp.

20 Cardinals are great, but will eventually get boring (unless your scape is a relaxing scape). White clouds are fun and active in groups of 10 or more, are the males look very nice when displaying.

I'm not a fan of having a "showpiece" fish, and this has been discussed in several other threads, I'm sure you can search it.

Also, join the SFBAAPS forum :thumbsup:
Rasboras are lovely fish, and make a beautiful display!

I'm surprised to hear about the cherry barbs. I've been keeping them for over 15 years, and have not yet seen one ever chase, nip or bother any other type of fish at all.

I love cherry barbs. If you get some, get a ratio of least 2 females for each male. Their social and spawning behavior is very charming to watch.:)

I have a 20 gal high tank, and have 3 cherry barbs, 9 neons and two bristlenose plecos. There are so many kinds of tetras, I'm sure you can find some you like.:)

If you can find them, Ruby Tetras (Axelrodia riesei) are awesome. They're about 1/2" and can turn bright clear red in the right conditions. In a well planted tank they're very beautiful.
With a 20g, I'd just skip the centerpiece fish idea. Get a nice school of 12-15 cardinals or neons with 6 ottos and a load of shrimp and it will be very nice.

If you want some variety, you can go with 7 cardinals and 7 het rasboras. Cardinals and neons like to stay mid to bottom tank.

If you are set on having center piece fish, maybe a couple of dwarf gouramis?
Dwarf gouramis would be great!

If you want even more personality, maybe a pair of rams, but that's if you don't keep any shrimp.

A pair of bristlenose castfish might work great too.

Most small tetras / barbs / danios would do great.

A shoal of about 6 small cories might be nice too!
I'm a fan of lightly stocking tanks, so if it were mine, I'd choose a bunch of Neons 6-8 at least, some otos 3-5 and shrimp.

+1 to joining SFBAAPS

and did you go to TLHS?
I wouldn't put corys on Fluorite. They need completely smooth substrate or sand so as not to damage their barbels.
I love white cloud mountian minnows. I have a school of them in my 20 gallon. They look great.
I have a 24g and I am planning on having 15 cardinals, 5 warf hatchets and maybe one or two of something else. I am going with just over and inch per gallon.
12 tetras, some ottos, and a pair of Apisto. borelli would be a cool tank.
I have to agree with the cardinals/rasbora, otto and shrimp tank. A nice carpet, a few rocks/wood and some bunchplants along with shrimp would look nice.
Also, I do have to agree also with the White Clouds. A big school of them (10 or so) would look very nice, as well as their courting behavior.
Just remembered something I've been wanting - Threadfin Rainbowfish! Small, peaceful and a school would be beautiful.

This pic is from a photography contest:


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Wow very exotic looking.
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