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Hi all. I hope I am posting this in the right spot.
So I am looking for inspiration to spark my imagination. I currently have a 90 gallon, low-tech planted tank/peaceful community. I want a second tank with a different style/ different fish. I have always loved Discus and was so close to preparing a tank for them. But since have realized it's not a good idea due to long vacations I take once a year.

I've got 2 options. A 48" long, 72 gallon bowfront and a 109.1 gallon 42" long 25" deep 24" tall. Can't decide which one I want because both are beautiful. So I would love for others to post a picture of their similarly sized, low-tech planted tanks, amazon biotope tanks and malawi tanks. I seriously need a good idea of what aquascape I would enjoy most and go from there.

The Aquascape is the most important to me. Once I choose what type I want to go for, then I will choose the most appropriate fish for the scape.

I've searched google images but decided I'd rather see tanks from folks here.
Thank you for sharing your inspirational aquascapes!!! :)
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