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in line co2

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i am currently running a co2 setup in my 8 gal fluval tank i have a zoomed filter i have a gorami that dosent like the noise of my reactor and hides in the corner the reactor sticks out like a sore thumb i was woundering if theres a way to make an inline or external reactor so it dosn't stick out and look ugly
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I have not used that filter but it looks like a small canister filter? Sounds like a bit of DIY might be in order? There are inline reactors to go in the filter output line but those I have noticed are for larger lines than you may have. You might check me on that if you have not done so. You might look at using reducers to cut the tubing size down to fit your tubing. A larger than needed inline will not effect flow. If those are out, I might look at building a Rex Grigg's style reactor but scaled way down to fit the small flow you have.
On the KISS theory, I might try going with a 12 inch pice of 1 inch PVC as a base. Not much needed in the way of skill or tools if you want to explore the idea.
What type CO2 setup? DIY or pressure?
its basically an aqurium regulator and i diyed the reactor myself out of a tank vacuum but i want to run it in line for a cleaner look tankx for the advice
Sounds like a good place for a Griggs style reactor to put inline and out of sight. Are the lines on the filter a common size so that you can buy barb adapters reasonably easy. If you've not looked at that style, it is one that is so simple that the main problem is having a way to drill and cut PVC pipe. There are all kinds of different mods floating around but I find the simple one for for me. If you want to think it over, I can give you any help on the design that you might need. Pretty basic idea is a tube where water comes in at the top and flows downward to go out the bottom back to the aquarium. Stick a Co2 tube in the side near the top of the tube and let the bubbles fight the current trying to rise until they get dissolved and go down and out with the water.
my filter is just a little zoomed 501 filter i think that kinda setup would be to elaborate for my small setup i was just thinking about cutting the in line of the filter attaching something where i can just run the co2 line directly into the filter in\out line and have the c02 go through the filter
Lots to be said for keeping it simple. Good luck on the project.
If its pushing 40psi you could do a GLA atomic inline diffuser and just mod the tubing to 1/2 inch.
i actually did make it i used hose barbs and pvc piping and some end caps and hose barbs but not sure how to mount the co2 line in the reactor
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