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Well i had a disaster. My fx6 intake got plugged and 4 fishes died - i presume it was an oxygen issue since nitrite and ammonia were 0. Lost 1 cardinal; 1 yoyo loach; my 2 year old 7 inch sae and an oto. Another oto was 'stun' but seemd to have quickly recovered - did a 50% water change and fix the filter. clown loaches were in extreme distress at the top of the tank as were the angels. Now the loaches and cory are going crazy - guess they liked the water changes.
Now the loaches are really happy and won't stop swimming and the cory are joining in with them creating a ruckus. I rarely do a 50% water change - normally 30% twice a week. Only major fish i can't find is the female yellow bn - i know the male is fine and the 6 l204 all checked out. Oddly the pleco showed no distress at all. Hum. Oh well live and learn. fyi: i check the intake and clean the prefilter twice a week so it couldn't have been clogged long and it was actually quite clean - not sure why water wasn't flowing through it.
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