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Immersed plant project

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I have a 30 gallon sump and a neatO AquaTop led (7,000K). In this sump I am planning to start my 1st emersed plant project. I am just messing around here, done some reading, scanned threads. Just winging it...

I've ordered and received rock wool blocks (2"x2") and plastic aquarium plant pots (2") . Next I'll shift media around in the sump and use one of the sections to set pots into. I've thought about using Saran Wrap to block humidity in the sump compartment and spray water mist on the plants while the plants make their transition. The tank this sump is filtering is a high tech planted tank. So, The roots will be getting all the benefits of fertilization through the water column.

I was hoping on some input. Perhaps some advice on a plant I have that would be okay to start with? And any other input on this project is appreciated.

Some plants that I have available

Florida Sunset crypt
Pogostemon Stellatus (broadleaf)
Limnophila aromatica
limnophila sp wavy

Suggestions on any other plants?
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Correct, my bad...

I could do Anubias. I have a dwarf type , and Petite. I may dedicate a pot or 2 to these. I am also leaning toward trying the Florida Sunset crypt.
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