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I'm upgrading my filter I have a few Q's

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I currently have a Rena xp2 on my 72g.
I have tons of algae I've tried everything; ei, lower lighting, uv, more stems, excell and I still can't kill it. Ive narrowed it down to lack of flow(my plants don't even move).

When I get this filter can I just stuff my current filter media in and let it rip?

I want to use the xp2 for another tank that I'm setting up because I need to seperate a few fish.

So I want to do this fast will my way work? I plan on buying new filter media for the xp2 and setting it up on the new tank( which has been cycling with an underpowered aqua clear for a few weeks now)

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Yep you can do that. Don't rinse the biological nodes as tempting as it is because there the brown stuff is the beneficial goodness. More flow should help as would more ferts I think it would give the plants more nutrients to thrive and take away all the light that the algae is getting.
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