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Dealing with some incredibly aggressive die back and BGA explosion. I have an amazon sword that has stopped, c. wendtii, s. repens, j. fern, and glosso. Soil tank, capped with Activ Flora black. Tank is about 1.5 yrs old. I have ramshorn snails and tiger barbs...

Gonna treat it...but could someone explain EI dosing to me? I have a 60 gallon set up (40B with a 20L sump). I am injecting CO2 (lime green DCs). I have 2 Fluval Plant spectrum 3.0 LED fixtures. I have it dialed into Med/Low light (I think I was at about 50ish PAR). I am struggling with fertilizer solutions. I have:

3 (1L) mixing bottles and I want to dose 30mL ea. Mac/Mic on alternating days
Dry ferts:
CSM+B (micro)

can someone tell me which dry ferts and amounts (in grams) to dissolve into each mixing bottle? I've used the fert calculators...but obviously I am doing something wrong. And I get a lot of precipitates from mixing the wrong solutions.

Thanks in advance!

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EI dosing, in general, just aims to add an excess of nutrients, which is then 'reset' weekly by a 50% water change.

At its most basic form, you need KNO3, KH2PO4, and the CSM+B. The micronutrients (CSM+B) should be mixed in a separate bottle, whereas the KNO3 and KH2PO4 can be mixed in the same bottle.

You can use the Rotala Butterfly calculator below to see how much you need to mix in.

For the other components (K2SO4, MgSO4, CaCl2), they are more of an option, depending on your water parameters (in EI, they are part of the "GH booster"). If your GH is already high enough, then there is no need for this. I believe classic EI used calcium sulfate, instead of the chloride, but the calculator linked above has calculations for both.

Do note that the salts that go into the GH booster tend to be slightly less soluble, so you may have to heat up the solution with vigorous stirring in order to get everything to dissolve.
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