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I'm New, and LI'L RASCAL IS ALIVE!!!

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Hi all,

TLDR: I was lonely and decided to get a pet fish, not realizing how much I'd get into this whole hobby. It's very addicting, with a lot of surprises and challenges. My betta fish (dragonscale red betta) is named Rohan and he has a tank mate, an amano shrimp I've since named Li'l Rascal today due to thinking he was dead/gone after not seeing him for weeks starting with the day after I got him. :O

Long Story:

I've lurked here off and on for the past three months as I got into this hobby (having a fish, plus a planted tank). I suck at keeping plants alive, and so far this has proven true for aquatic plants, as well, despite me choosing the low-tech, 'easy' plants (Java Fern, Amazon Sword, and a Repens Carpeting plant).

I got a beautiful betta fish, too, named Rohan. He was introduced to the tank once the nitrogen cycle completed (and the Amazon Sword had started 'melting', I believe). A month later, I also added an amano shrimp - I had very mild algae problems. I thought he was dead because I hadn't seen him in two weeks. He molted, but I couldn't find the body (I know they turn pink) but I thought my fish, Rohan, must have eaten him. :surprise:

Color me SUPER SURPRISED when, after doing my water change today, he zoomed out of hiding from SOMEWHERE, and also looked very much alive:surprise: (not thin, despite me having stopped adding the algae wafer supplement, thinking he was dead......).

It has been a fun experience, but I'm surprised that I have no shortage of mild issues. My plants are pretty much all dead, and I have some questions regarding that and getting a replacement light, but I might leave that for an appropriate thread. This intro is long enough already.

Have enjoyed reading and learning (or trying to) from the threads I have read so far. :D
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