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I'm new, and I've got a question. surprise!

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Hey all,

Well, I recently purchased a 37 gallon Eclipse tank. Full with fluorite substrate, and lots of fancy guppies. Now, I know I need more lighting to successfully grow some plants. Right now, I am new to the whole hobby so I am not looking for a completely aquascaped tank, although I am interested in some easy growing, hard to kill plants (about to order an assortment from aquabotanics). The tank came with 2 18 watt daylight bulbs, which is less than 1 watt per gallon, lol, kind of pathetic. Anyway, there are so many different fixtures to choose from and I have done quite a bit of reading and have decided on purchasing the Current Nova Freshwater 30" T-5 (2 x 24 watts.) Is it correct that these t-5's actually emit more light than a normal 48 watt set up?

Is this going to be a good purchase for a planted tank beginner? It would add up to 80 watts, more than half being t-5... a little over 2 watts per gallon.

Thanks in advance for your help and I look forward to being a member of this kind forum.

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if you add more lighting < 2wpg you will need to suppliment with fertz and co2.

if i were you i would start with the 40w t-5 fixture and see how it grows, and if you like the plants it can keep.
forgot to say i have a diy co2 set up
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