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So I've been looking into having a divided planted tank with bettas, snails and possibly some red cherry shrimp (one of my males is very docile). I also want it to be planted and so I've been looking at the cheapest substrates I can get that will do the job well. I'm also a college student and VERY limited in funds (I also have 3 chinchillas that really drain my money).
Looking around I've been reading that people use dirt? Such as from their garden? If I could use that I would be tickled pink. :bounce:
Right now I have a sand/gravel mix and I could put that on top but I'm not sure how everything would work...I also have some peat moss I use for my carnivorous plants and some perlite that has some Miracle Grow in it, along with unfertilized but store-bought potting soil.
Could anyone help me decide if I could use any of that? And how I would go about it? I'm completely green whenit comes to planted aquariums and have a mere month in actually having aquariums. I've been doing research but I'm getting confused by what I read...:p

Thanks for any advice!!!!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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