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I'm confused. What's going on with my cycle?

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Hey guys,

A month ago I moved my 40G across my room in a process that took about 2 hours. The entire time i had my filter running in the tub that the fish were temporarily in. A week after the move i noticed that all my parameters were stuck at zero. No Ammonia spikes, no Nitrite spikes, and no detectable nitrates. My 8 harlequins and 3 mollies poop like crazy and i haven't done a water change in 2 weeks and there is still no detectable ammonia or nitrites. I guess the Ammonia and nitrite bacteria are working, but why am i not seeing nitrates? I mean they have to be working because a month of heavy poop hasn't caused any spikes. And It's not the tests because i've tested my other tanks and nitrates show up there.

What should i do? What's going on? The tank is heavily planted but i doubt that's what's consuming all of my nitrates.

Any input would be appreciated.
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What was the nitrate level in the tank before you moved it? Did you add more plants since the move?
It was always around 20 ppm. Never any higher.
Did anything else change about the tank or its inhabitants (plants or fish) during or after the move? Is lighting different in that part of the room? And, this might be silly, but have you tested nitrates on the tank multiple times with the same results?
Your nitrate testing must be inaccurate as odds are there has to be nitrates. Is it the API nitrate test? Often the 2nd test solution has components that get out of suspension and compromise the accuracy of the test. Make sure you sake really well and rap on a hard surface.
If you still have zero nitrates, perhaps you need a new test kit.
Very strange.

Perhaps take the water to a pet store to test? Many will test your water for free. I don't trust pet store tests for much, but it could be a solid confirmation.
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