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Hey I'm new to fish keeping and even newer to looking after plants :D

This is my current setup, the only diffrence atm is I bought alot more of the long grass type plants in the middle and a huge Amazon sword plant in the corner.

This wasn't the direction I was going for but its how it turned out...

I was actually hoping to create a heavily planted side on the left then having quite and open right hand side with possibly my cave covered in java moss.

I'm using stock lighting on my Juwel rio 180, and i just ordered TNC complete for my fert which should arrive hopefully Tuesday.

I was planning on doing the rescaping a week today so any tips or ideas would be greatly welcomed.

As for my fish I have 9 neon, 7 bronze cory, 6 oto, 4 molly, 3 pearl gourami and a few pest snails(which I don't mind tbh)

thanks =]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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