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As usual i woke up and the first thing i do is cheak my fish. All my dwarf puffers were at the top of the tank at first i tought they were hungry but soon relaised they werent. A few minutes later i found that i only had 3 ottos... i looked around and soon saw a tail sticking out the filter so after taking out the filter and removing her i tought she might be alive as all my fish that have got stuck in the filter have survived but she died. Im not sure weather this is due to her being my one that has 1 eye in wich shes blind the other eyes not there as im sure you know that i rescued her.
I took a immediate test of the tank , the ammonia was perfect but the nitrites was sky high , i repeated the test 3 times to be sure and it came back the same i decided although it would stress them i needed to move all the fish to the hospital tank/nursery in this tank their are snails , copoeds , LOTS of algea. As soon as i put all the ottos and puffers in they perked up and enjoyed hunting my puffers and ottos enjoying the algea. Its now 2pm and they have been in there for about 4 hours ... sadly their Christmas present ( snails ) have all been demolished early they seemed to enjoy them tough so thats all that matters!
I have been wanting to redecorate the tank so emptied the tank of all the plants and did a 90% water change , i turned over all the sand to get rid of anerobic pockets and have given it a makeover i also took time to get rid of all the gunk that i cant normally get to.All the sands settled and its all setup. Im not sure weather i should put them back in the tank or leave them in the fully cycled quarantine tank for the night wich they seem really happy in , im sure slightly bored due to their being no more snails and not many plants.
The otto got suck in the top of the filter where the power lead is , im thinking as she couldnt see she swam in there as she normally swims in to thing or she either died or floated in there ... seems odd as usually the current goes outwards wich makes me thing she swam in and got stuck as the rest of the filter has a tight over due to my old puffers wich where microscopic getting their heads stuck in there , the only problem now is that the dirt cant get in the filter... these puffers are much bigger than the wholes and are strong swimmers im wondering weather the waste built up so much and wasnt being filtered possibly caused an nitrite spike.
Im so sad about pumpkin my one eyed otto , R.I.P and feel so guilty about her dying. The others seem fine and i am currently debating weather to get another rescue otto of course i wouldnt dream of it until the tanks been stable for a few weeks.
The main tanks fully cyled and been setup for 2 months ( not inc. cycling) with fish in it , it keeps having little spikes even tough it is cylcled , its also overfiltered.
Any suggestions why she died , should i take of the tight , should i move them back and whats causing these spikes?
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