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If you like DIY and Star Wars, this will blow your mind!!

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This is truly amazing stuff. And I'm not even a die hard Star Wars fan!

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I checked the diagrams. They won't work. Oh, wait, wrong forum wrong decade... You are getting very sleepy...
Very cool, that is. Want one, I do.

I want one so bad lmao ... does he sell them? That thing has to go for over a grand I bet!
Must be nice to have a metal shop.
And to know how to use it.
A lot of the tools, I don't know how to use.

You can start here though.

Widows usually sell them for far less than the worth. ;-)
Most impressive!
Very nice metal work on the sabers.. Maybe i'll try a mini simple one..:smile:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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