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I am trying to collect information from other hobbyists that have similar tank features to mine, for my own comparison purposes. In particular, I am trying to understand the amount of co2 needed for a tank similar to mine, to have excellent plant growth and no algae around.

So, if you answer YES to the following questions,:

1. Do you have a 70-75gl tank?

2. Do you use EI fertilization?

3. Do you have a wet/dry filter (sump)?

4. Do you have around 2-3 watts per gallon of light (or 50-60 umols of light at substrate)?

....Please, let me know the amount of co2 you are injecting in your tank. In particular, I am interested in either your PH drop (from PH x.x to PH x.x.), your co2 bubble rate per second or, best, your co2 volume per minute.

In my case, I have been having some little algae issues for the past two months, and some of my plants are not growing well as they should, so I have been increasing Co2 injection a lot in the past few weeks, to reach a PH drop of almost 1.3 (from 7.4 to 6.1), and so far not so good results, which is strange because I am really giving plants tons of co2 (almost 70ml of co2 volume per minute!)

Since I think the amount of co2 I am giving is insane, and I have heard of people having success with much lower co2 rate with the exact same tank setup (same EI dosing, same filter, similar degassing rate, similar light, etc), any more "statistical" data from other people having a similar setup as mine, will be very welcome for my research and testing.

Thanks in advance for any info!
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