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IDing Amanos

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I am 80% certain I just stole an amano from a pet shop that had it labeled as a ghost for 25 cents, but just to be sure, I wanted to ask if there were any sure ways to tell it is an amano. It has the spots of an amano, and when I first got it, on either side of its head there seemed to be a patch of blue, now faded. It is definitely not a ghost shrimp, but I wanted to see if there was a way to tell.
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Ghost shrimp have an entirely different shaped body. If the back of the shrimp is relatively flat is likely and Amano.
its pretty easy to tell. go google an image of an amano shrimp.
Ghost shrimp no where resemble an Amano shrimp.
check the difference from my amano

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Yep, should be easy to know it an amano based on pics.

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yup, looks like your amano. I've heard that there are "amanos" that aren't real amanos because they breed in freshwater, how could you tell the difference there? More importantly, is there a noticeable difference in algae consumption?
Just to add to the identification process; here is a picture of one of my girlfriend's amano shrimp:

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