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I wanted to ask for advice from those who know more. I bought this lamp a while ago and can't find it's specs.

I've removed one of the two lights of the same model to see if a reduction in light would bring about less algae. At this point, I'm quite unsure whether my issue is too much light or, on the contrary, not enough.

If anyone has some advice on how to make the scape better, I'll happily take it.
I'll outline that I don't like the my javas in this tank, to much brown rooting out of leaves.

nitrates > 5ppm
nitrites = 0ppm
ammonia >0 pmm but <0.25 ppm (been working on solving it)
PH > 6.4 and < 6.6.
I do add CO2, at about one bubble every 3 seconds.

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Looks like a Finnex fugeray clone of some type. Only one I know of with that offset gooseneck.

Are they any other than white diodes in it?
DON'T look directly at it btw..
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Not really, this is what the underside looks like:
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In essence, I just don't know what the wattage, lux, lumens, par on this is. Is it the right temperature? Not too sure :/
Chinese have made dozens of lights under dozens of names.
You could use a kill a watt meter to get the watt draw.
Or dissect it snd get the voltage and amp draw of the led board.

A guess would be 7w or less.
Color temp is irrelivant for the most part.
Light looks pretty " clean" soo 5600k or greater is a possibility.

Measuring the diode dimensions in mm will get you the class of diode.
I.e. 3.5 x 6mm is a sm3560.

Output of the power supply might help.
Like 12v 1amp.
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