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Identify... which is Marsilea quadrifolia?

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Ok, so I thought I had Marsilea quadrifoliain my 55G for over a year and half. However today, while trying to help another member I was looking at Marsilea quadrifolia pictures and now I'm not sure it's what I have.

This is what is in my tank, and also comes up when searching for Marsilea quadrifolia :

But an image search for Marsilea quadrifolia shows more images of this:

They look totally different to me, the plant in my tank difinitely does not have 4 clovers. Marsilea quadrifolia is described as a clover plant, and I'm pretty sure now that the bottom picture is the true Marsilea. So what is the top picture then?
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The top photo is of submersed growth and the lower one of emersed growth. Same plant, different situation.
Wow, I feel stupid. They look totally different though! =0
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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