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identify my shrimp

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ill start of by apoligizing for the , well, CRAPPY pictures. i forget what they were named at the store , amazon shrimp like guys. there are about 1.75 cms and look really like a micro lobster. but apparently stay this small. long and thin claws. not much pattern.
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and ive seemed to forget how to attach a pic :|
You can use photo bucket or imageshack and copy&paste the URL.
Is there any way you could get better pics. I don't know very much about shrimp but I can't tell.
wow... can't help there.. try taking a few more pix, make sure your camera is set to macro mode, the "flower" setting on most point and shoot cams
its a cell phone lol!
hmmm.. try taking the picture a little further away.. it might help
Try typing " freshwater aquarium shrimp " in google search. (or just click on on it)

Good luck.
lol. that's funny. it's like those photos of ufo's or sasquatch. pretty blurry!
Looking at the arms, it looks like some kind of macro shrimp. That's all I can see in the pics though.
Not a Macrobrachium: Euryrhynchus, probably E. amazoniensis.
second picture on the good search looks exactly like them ''yellow banded shrimp'' , any info on these guys ? ive never seen n e thing liek them
bump, i need help :(
I vote Loch Ness shrimp

Take another picture but not as close. Your phone doesn't have a good macro mode so just take it at least a foot away. Smaller is better than a useless blurry thing.
there not ghost shrimp lol

there something IVE NEVER SEEN.
like this.
hehehe... it looks like it would be tastey shelled and fried.

What? we all think that sometimes, right? :cool:
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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