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Hi all,

Just signed up and was wondering if anyone was able to identify the following.

I purchased some plants from a fish shop and they came with no identification. It wasn't until I took them out their little baskets I found they were just stalks.

I'm guessing the big leaf (there was 7 bunched together making it look like I was buying an actual plant.) will not grow roots and will just rot away?

Many thanks.


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The first one is just emersed grown java fern.

2nd is probably a Myriophyllum if opposite leaves, Proserpinaca palustrisif not. Hard to tell from photo.

3rd is a Limnophila. Can't say species for sure.

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The big leaf (trident java fern) should grow for you.

Keep it in your tank, and it will eventually grow "plantlets" on its edges. Once they are big enough you can remove them and plant them on their own.

Java fern should not be buried in the substrate. To plant it, tie it to rocks or driftwood, or just let it float in the tank.
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