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Just picked up a few more stem plants cause they looked nice and they were labeled poorly.. One is a type of ludwigia I think, another some rotala, and the last might be mermaid weed. What are they?? I know it might be difficult I'm more interested in care requirements since I'm not a huge stem plant guy..

Each bunch has a decent number of stems so I was planning on playing with them in two tanks to see how they went but I'm tempted to set up my "hospital" tank they are currently in for them. If I were to set this up I would want it to be low tech, that's why I'm considering dirt and using just a desk lamp I have. Dosing would preferably be minimal or nothing.. unless these species require more than the dirt would provide in which case I might forgo the idea and add them to existing tanks.. they're all red/purple so I'm guessing Iron is necessary but could they get that from the dirt or would I need to dose?

Thanks in advance, I can get more pics if that would help.


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