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Absolutely need way more plants for amazonia. Daily water changes for weeks 1-2, every other day water changes for weeks 3-4, bi-weekly water changes for week 5-6, then continue from there with weekly water changes (pending ammonia levels). Reduce your photo period to 5-6 hours a day for a week or so and then slowly lengthen your photo period (how long your lights are on in a day) a half hour a week untill you get to your desired photo period (also, pending on the development and mass of your plants). Amazonia should provide more than enough nutrients (the whole point behind aquasoil) that added nutrients are not needed at this time, especially with the few plants you have. I would skip the "plant water", it's probably just ro (reverse osmosis) anyways and for a tank this small, distilled water is a very cheap alternative, just remember to remineralize it with a product like seachem equilibrium or do a mix of distilled and tap water to add minerals.

I would get at least 3 times the amount of plant mass you have already. A carbon source (either seachem excel or pressurized/DIY) will benefit all of your plants, especially the dwarf baby tears. Do more research and try some things out and you will figure out what you need to do.

Also, one bit of advice about this hobby, it takes money. Don't try to cheap out on something just to save money, you will pay for it ten-fold when it comes time to upgrade to better equipment. Buy the best epuipment you can afford and if you can't, save up. It will make this hobby a lot more relaxing and rewarding. GO SLOW. Speed will kill you in this hobby, whether you are increasing or decreasing a variable.

A test kit wouldn't hurt in this stage of your tank to test ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates so you know when the amazonia is done leaching ammonia and when your tank has completed the cycle.

More plants is an absolute must though but the plants you have now (other than dwarf baby tears, separate clumps and plant as many pieces as you can) actually look pretty decent in my opinion.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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