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Ideas to move from manzanita/driftwood

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Hey all,

I had my tank getting to where I wanted it and then bam, discovered my manzanita, which isn't more than 3 months old or so, has some soft/rotting spots on it. This is causing a big ph drop in my tank, my day time ph with co2 running is like 5.7. I want to get the manzanita out to fix this and I don't necessary want to take chances now with wood rotting and causing this again.

That being said, I guess rocks are my only option for hardscape? Anyone have some photos of rocks being used in a natural-ish type layout? I like Seiryu stones, but they raise ph, right?

Here's a shot of my tank as it stands currently, any suggestions are welcome. I really do not want to re-arrange the plants too too much, but I will if I have to. The cichlid stone is temporary.