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I just got this driftwood tree from a LFS for my 3 footer tank. Its 30cm (H), 20cm (W) and 22cm(D).
This will be a dominant tree in my tank, sitting on a 1/3 position on a mini hair grass carpet.

Can I get some ideas what to grow on this tree?

I have bought Bucephalandra Kota Baru but only have 2 stems. Its very pricey and I can't buy enough to cover the whole tree. Please see the second photo for a reference on Bucephalandra Kota Baru.

I plan to tie the 2 stems on the lower Y fork of the branch. So they look like Ferns growing on Oak trees.

Beside that what do I plant on the rest of the tree?

I'm playing with a few ideas.
1. Weeping moss on the main tree bark so it looks like falling beard.
2. Mini fissidens on all the branches. Problem is they won't grow on the vertical parts of the tree. So the mini Fissidens can only be a supplemantary add-on.

I don't want Java or Christmas moss. I've run out of ideas at this point. Considering mini pelia, but its very hard to find. Considering HC but not sure if it can grow without a substrate.

Any ideas?


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