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Ideas for this corner of the aquascape

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Hey just looking for some thoughts on what I should with this corner of my aquascape.
I'm finding that leaves at the bottom of the stem plants in this corner keep dying off and I think it is because as they grow taller less light gets to the bottom. Plus shading from the hardscape and other plants doesnt seem to help. Right now the stem plants here that you can see are Limnophila Aromatica "Green" (left) and Alternanthera reineckii (right). In between there used to be an amazon sword, but it was too small a space for it and was crowding over the other plants so I removed it. I've recent swapped it for Hygrophila compakt, which isnt really a tall growing plant and thus Im now thinking may not be suitable scape-wise.

So I guess I'm just wondering, what are some other stem plants that dont require too much light or that you think might work here? or any ideas in general!
(If you want to see the setup of this tank checkout:
skip to 7:16 for the planting)



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I don't know about stems, but if it was me I'd probably stuff a bundle of cryptocoryne parva in there (or maybe a tall/narrow species like balansae or usteriana if you want the height). I mean, I have crypt parva that is still alive in a tank that had a broken light for 7 months; that stuff will practically grow in pitch dark.
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