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Ideas for stocking a new 75g planted tank

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I'm going to be setting up a new 75g soon and looking for opinions on some stocking. Right now I have two fish for sure that will be going in and that is an angelfish that I have had for 6 years and a Bolivian ram that is 3 years old. Ideas I have so far are a "fancy" pleco, some kind of schooling fish, corydoras, maybe another angel (depending on purchase size or grow one out). All ideas are welcomed!
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None of the tetras from the Congo that Ive had or currently have (I have 4 different African Congo tetra varieties at the moment: 1 phenocogrammus, 2 varieties of alestopetersius and 1 in hemicogrammuspetersius pulcher ) have been "fin-nippers" of other species. They ignore all other fish. However, as a group, African tetras have been more aggressive than their South American counter-parts within the group. This con-specific aggression can be eliminated by keeping in proper size tank and in adequate numbers.

The most common Congo tetra at LFS, phenocogrammus interruptus has not, in my experience, been a fin-nipper. Actually, they have the most mild of temperament of all the Congo varieties that I have kept.

In a 75 gallon tank I would put at least 9 to disperse inter-species aggression. These tetras are beautiful and rewarding when properly kept.
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