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Hey all,

first post on The Planted Tank!

I currently have a 20gal tall tank, similar to the standard 20 gal you'd get at petsmart. I have a filter that came with the tank that mounts inside the tank and i have it centered in the back to allow even circulation. I covered the bottom grate intake with window screen that I fixated with a rubber band to prevent my blue velvets from getting sucked in. Actually installed it after a neon tetra got sucked up by its tail...
I had the standard hood with the incandescent light bulb holder that rests on it originally, but soon replaced it with a fluorescent, plant-max bulb to promote plant growth, and mounted LED's from auto-advance under the lid to add more light. they are good 'ol white LED's, very bright.
I removed several of my fish, including standard zebra danios as they killed some of my blue velvet neos.
I currently use ferts, mainly API, and "liquid CO2", also from API.
I have java moss and some anubia-type plants. also, I have tried/am trying to carpet dwarf hairgrass, but currently can't afford a CO2 system.
I use light colored gravel, about 2 inches deep

So here are my questions:

If I want to make this primarily a shrimp tank, what should I do about lighting? how will that affect my plants?
What lighting will promote shrimp activity, breeding, etc.?
What plants are best for that lighting?
what plants grow well with liquid Co2 and ferts only?
I would love to carpet, what plants would be best for that? or should I just give up on carpeting until I can afford a Co2 system?

P.S. I dose half-of-prescribed dosage for ferts-- spread out over a week, so i dose every other day.
I dose liquid Co2 every day- 1ml I believe.
I am currently on vacation till saturday and I don't have exact measurements in my head for dosing. I can update later if anyone needs that info.

Thanks a bunch for ideas and advice!

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What is the height of your tank? I have always been a fan of "tall" tanks so have had my own issues with lighting.

Some smaller crypts make a good looking "Carpet" on taller tanks. Not exactly what your looking for, but surprisingly gives a very similar appeal.
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