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ideas for a raised bed for higher light plants

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i am slowly but surely working on a planted 55 long. i should be able to order my new light finally in the next few days and then i can really get it going. it will be a single 4ft t5ho with reflector. all that's in the tank right now is some hornwort.

i know this won't give me high light but i am trying to figure out a way to do a raised bed so i can do some baby tears, hair grass or something else. would this even work for the higher light plants? my planted 10g is doing well but i am still really new to live plants. i'm trying to avoid co2 for a while still. mid summer i can probably afford that. i can do ferts if i have to.

having trouble coming up with a design/way that would still look natural. i figure too i would be able to shade some crypts or other lower light plants underneath. or even have it grow on top of a cave. i'm also wondering what would be a good depth for the substrate for it so i can incorporate that into my design. i'm thinking 2 inches of floramax is good (how deep and what i use in my 10g) but don't know with baby tears or hair grass if deeper is better.

anyone tried to do this with success and have an example or idea for me would be great. would also like to say i haven't posted much on here but lurking on this site has given me lots of great info and would like to thank everyone that contributes. i'd be lost and out a lot more money!
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I onced asked the same question regarding foreground plant and it was suggested that the foreground plant's,or carpet type plant's aren't so much needing higher light, but rather they are more in need of Good CO2.
CO2 being a gas, that is trying to escape,,the lower carpet area's don't receive the CO2 without increased delivery of same,and good flow to try and keep CO2 mixed throughout the water column at steady rate's .
For your application,, I might try something like Marsilea,Ecinodorus tenellus,Pigmey chain sword,or dwarf Sagittaria.
My two cent's.
hmm... well good I am not the only one who has had this idea and can shed some light on it. I guess if were that simple everyone would be just doing that. I never thought about the co2 that way. harder to keep it down towards the bottom because it naturally wants to rise. still I would think that it would be easier if it were raised since the co2 is harder to keep lower in the tank.

i hate how the cooler the plant is (to me anyways) the harder it has to be to keep and care for it.

i am still thinking about a raised sort of bed that looks naturally formed to keep some plants in.
I am currently trying this with Mexican Grinding Bowls Molcajete.

They are made out of Lava Rock and will raise the foreground plants off the substrate higher in the water column closer to the light. The bowls themselves may be filled with whatever substrate.

The plus is I shopuld be able to contain most foreground plants in one specific area and be able to grow different types in one tank without them invading each others space ie Dwarf Hair Grass mixing with glosso etc...

I think tey look better than the standard clay pots etc...
Well,some folk's will use section(s) of ladies nylon filled with sand, or same substrate as being used in the tank to create elevated area's and then cover the nylon filled bag's with substrate.
Depends on how creative you want to get. Here is an idea but it involves some work.

The idea is to give the tank some shallow area but not to lose that swimming/planting area underneath. These images should give you lots of ideas and maybe answer some of your questions.
depends on how much space you want raised, but i have even seen shower baskets with suction cups, filled with substrate and raised to where you want them.

I would also recommend you could do something similar but use some sort of lined egg crate form for a more custom layout.
blinky - that's an awesome idea. I won't rip you off though. would like to see how that looks at some point

roadmaster - I never thought of doing something like that. I know people have used those to make net pots of sorts.

steve - thanks for the link. visuals help me more than anything.

dwiese - the eggcrate is a good idea. I could use that and cover it with some moss.

all great ideas and tips to really get the gears in my head turning. I really want to end up all out on something super sweet. 55g is the biggest tank I have done yet. I got my terrarium and holey rock I didn't want anymore sold today and I can afford a light upgrade finally and I really start getting it all together.
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