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Ideas for a 10g Long high tech?

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Hey all, a friend of mine has a really nice ten gallon long, its 24" in length. He has pressurized co2 and ferts, but we are looking for a light for him. Any suggestions for a high tech setup?
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never heard of a 10 long. what are the other dimensions? I know they make a 12g long, search for some of those build threads in the journal section, they may help with ideas
"Long" tanks almost always mean low tanks, so you can't use T5HO light without hanging it high above the tank, and T5NO light is also a bit too much. But, you can get lots of light with T8 light strips. How high is the tank?
Just like Hoppy said,

T5HO would be way overboard for such a small tank.
But yes, please post the dimensions.

if its 24"s long it must be about 8 inches tall...
Yeah it is a strange sized tank, but he seems to want to stick with it. It is 24 x 8 x 12 he said
24 x 8 x 12 should mean the tank is 12 inches high. If so, two T8 bulbs would give you good low light, maybe low medium light. Another good option is a Hagen Glo single bulb T5HO fixture, on the legs that come with it. That would give you high light.
Thanks Hoppy, I was having a look at the Hagen you mentioned earlier today. I think he is going to give it a go
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