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Ideas for 120p

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Hey so i just scored another 120p, bought it used with stand, filter and a 6 strip t5ho light for only $240!

I was thinking of maybe a riparium or a polidarium. Was looking at pics yesterday but couldnt tell a difference. Would either one of those cost more than a regular high tech planted tank? If so i might just go ahead and do another high tech tank with no livestock so i can pump up the co2 and not worry about casualties.
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wow nice deal
Yeah, i thought so too. Sold my drumset to get it totally worth it though. Too old for me to start drumming anyways :p
Lol, wish I had my own place, then I'd start another tank too. Whats the dimensions of the tank? I always liked iwagumi style tanks with one school of fish. But since you don't want livestock, why not go dutch? Do a rotola tank, it'd be awesome.
Yeah i think ill go that route, this tank is 48x18x18. It still empty, just sloowly finishing a stand for it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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