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Ideal tank setup for OEBT's

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Like the title says il looking to get a small group of them but want to make sure my tank is just right.

20 gallon high
High tech pressurized co2

Anything else?

What other shrimp can I keep with them? I was looking at CBS, tiawan fire reds, or yellow shrimp
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Okay I got a different tank that the ph is like 7.2 but idk about hardness or kh
Yellow should be very tolerant of almost any water conditions that are considered fish safe. My RCS live in a tank that is 55 degrees, super intense hard water, and PH almost at 8...
Cool that's the plan

I've got some Sakura Cherries (juvies) if you're interested. They'll live in any water condition that's fish safe as well. Super prolific! $1/shrimp. LMK dude.
Pmed yah bud
Bump. They maybe coming to my house soon.
Come on guys I'm getting these shipped in a day...just want to make sure I'm okay
OEBT Shrimp water parameter:
KH 1-3 ideal KH 2 GH 5
PH 6.5-7.2 ideally 7-7.2
Temp 70-72
NH4 0
Nitrate min

You can thank me later ;)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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