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Ideal canister filter for Mini-m?

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I've been going back and forth on what kind of canister filter to purchase. Keep in mind that I am on a very very tight budget and would like to spend minimal money but do not want to compromise the quality of what I wanna do with the tank. Also, I do have some 13mm lily pipes that I would love to use (which is why I am going canister). I've been looking at the Eheim Classic 2211 and found it for 59.99 on Big Al's. Would this be a good size canister filter for the mini-m (5.5 gallons)? Ive seen people using the Eheim Classic 2213 but I feel that that would be a little too big. I've also been looking at the Zoo Med 501 (because it is cheap and affordable) but do not know anything about them. Does anyone know if I would be able to use the lily pipes with the Zoo Med? Problems with the Zoo Med? I would appreciate any feedback, thanks everyone!
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If you go with the Eheim 2211 you wont be able to use your 13mm outflow pipe. Go for a the 2213 and reduce the flow rate to a reasonable level.
You won't be able to use your lily pipes with the zoo-med either, without an adapter at least.
Get the 2213 or a fluval 105/106.
Get the 2211 and buy a 13mm double tap. On the smaller tube, use the new double tap only on one side. It will make both tubes the same size going to/from the tank. That's what I did for my mini L. Then I got the 2213 impeller because I need a little more flow.
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